Enhanced Isuzu Module List

Enhanced Isuzu Module List


NOTE: The list is for general sensors supported for given systems. Actual sensor support is based on manufacturer discretion.

Sensors Commands

Supported Systems
AirbagsAnti-Lock BrakesEnhanced Powertrain


Airbags Sensors commands top
8 Digit GM Part NumberADS A/DADS Monitoring
Active SwitchBattery Voltage SignalCalibration ID
Component Serial NumberDriver Frontal LoopDriver Frontal Stage 1
Driver Frontal Stage 2Driver Pretensioner LoopDriver Roof Rail
Driver Seat Belt ADDriver Seat Belt StatusDriver Seat Belt Switch
Driver Seat Position SensorDriver Side Impact SensorDriver Side Impact Sensor ID
Driver Side LoopDriver Side Seat Belt StatusElectronic Front End Sensor 1 ID
Electronic Front End Sensor 2 IDFront End Sensor 1Front End Sensor 2
Ignition VoltageJulian Date of BuildManufacture Serial Code
PPS StatusPROM IDPassenger Frontal Loop
Passenger Frontal Stage 1 LoopPassenger Frontal Stage 2 LoopPassenger Presense System
Passenger Pretensioner LoopPassenger Roof RailPassenger Seat Belt Switch
Passenger Seat Position SensorPassenger Side Impact SensorPassenger Side Impact Sensor ID
Passenger Side LoopPassenger Side Seat Belt StatusRollover Sensor
SIR Warning IndicatorYear Module Built


Anti-Lock Brakes Sensors commands top
4 Wheel Drive4WD StatusABS Active
ABS FailedABS Lamp CommandABS Pump Motor
ABS RelayABS Relay CommandABS State
ABS Stop StateABS TelltaleAnalog Steering Wheel Position
BPP SignalBattery VoltageBrake Fluid Level
Brake Fluid Level StatusBrake LampBrake Pressure Sensor
Brake SwitchBrake Switch StatusBrake Warning Lamp Command
DRP ActiveDRP DisabledDelivered Torque
Diff. Pressure-Fluid Level SwitchDigital SWPS Phase ADigital SWPS Phase B
Dynamic Rear ProportioningFront Left Wheel SpeedFront Right Dump Valve Commanded
Front Right Dump Valve FeedbackFront Right Isolation Valve CommandedFront Right Isolation Valve Feedback
Front Right Wheel SpeedFront Rightont Left Dump Valve CommandedFront Rightont Left Dump Valve Feedback
Front Rightont Left Isolation Valve CommandedFront Rightont Left Isolation Valve FeedbackG-Sensor
Ignition VoltageLateral Accelerometer Sensor SignalLateral Accelerometer Signal
Left Front Dump Valve CommandLeft Front Dump Valve FeedbackLeft Front Inlet Solenoid Command
Left Front Iso. Valve CommandLeft Front Iso. Valve FeedbackLeft Front Outlet Solenoid Command
Left Front Wheel SpeedLeft Rear Dump Valve CommandLeft Rear Inlet Solenoid Command
Left Rear Iso. Valve CommandLeft Rear Outlet Solenoid CommandLeft Rear Wheel Speed
Longitudinal Accelerometer Sensor SignalLow Traction: TCS ActiveMaster Cylinder Pressure Sensor Input
Rear Dump Valve CommandRear Dump Valve CommandedRear Dump Valve Feedback
Rear Iso. Valve CommandRear Iso. Valve FeedbackRear Isolation Valve Commanded
Rear Isolation Valve FeedbackRear Wheel SpeedRear Wheel Speeds
Requested TorqueReturn PumpRight Front Dump Valve Command
Right Front Dump Valve FeedbackRight Front Inlet Solenoid CommandRight Front Iso. Valve Command
Right Front Iso. Valve FeedbackRight Front Outlet Solenoid CommandRight Front Wheel Speed
Right Rear Dump Valve CommandRight Rear Inlet Solenoid CommandRight Rear Iso. Valve Command
Right Rear Outlet Solenoid CommandRight Rear Wheel SpeedStability System Active
Stability System EnabledSteering Position SensorSteering Sensor Is Centered
Steering Wheel PositionSystem VoltageTCS Active
TCS FailedTCS Iso Valve CommandTCS On/Off Switch
TCS Switch StateTraction ControlTraction Control Active
Traction Control EnableTraction Control EquippedTraction Control Slip
VES FailedVSES ActiveVSES Equipped
VSES On-Off SwitchVSES Relay CommandWarning Lamp
Yaw Rate SensorYaw Rate Sensor Input


Enhanced Powertrain Sensors commands top
5 Volt Reference 15 Volt Reference 2A/C Clutch
A/C Clutch RelayA/C Condensor FanA/C High Side Pressure
A/C High Side PressureA/C PressureA/C Pressure - Volts
A/C Pressure - mVA/C RequestAPP Indicated Angle
APP Sensor 1APP Sensor 1 IndicatedAPP Sensor 2
APP Sensor 2 IndicatedAPP SensorsAbsolute Throttle Position
Accelerator Pedal Position 1Accelerator Pedal Position 1 - VoltsAccelerator Pedal Position 1 Range Failure Counter
Accelerator Pedal Position 1-2 Corr. Failure CounterAccelerator Pedal Position 1-3 Corr. Failure CounterAccelerator Pedal Position 2
Accelerator Pedal Position 2 - VoltsAccelerator Pedal Position 2 Range Failure CounterAccelerator Pedal Position 2-3 Corr. Failure Counter
Accelerator Pedal Position 3Accelerator Pedal Position 3 - VoltsAccelerator Pedal Position Average
Accelerator Pedal Position Indicated AngleAccelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 - VoltsAccelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Indicated Position
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 - VoltsAccelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Indicated PositionAccelerator Pedal Position Sensors
Acelerator Pedal Position 3 Range Failure CounterActual EGR PositionActual Fuel Pressure
Actual Low Fuel PressureAdaptive Knock RetardAir / Fuel Ratio
Air Flow CalculatedAir Flow Rate From MAFAir Fuel Ratio
Air Indicated PressureAir PressureAir Pressure - Volts
Air Pressure SensorAir Pressure Sensor VarianceAirflow Deviation
Ambient Air TemperatureBank 1 Fuel System StatusBank 1 Long Term Fuel Trim
Bank 1 O2 Sensor LoopBank 1 O2S ReadyBank 1 Sensor 1 O22
Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2SBank 1 Sensor 1 StatusBank 1 Sensor 2 O22
Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2SBank 1 Short Term Fuel TrimBank 2 Fuel System Status
Bank 2 Long Term Fuel TrimBank 2 O2 Sensor LoopBank 2 O2S Ready
Bank 2 Sensor 1 O22Bank 2 Sensor 1 O2SBank 2 Sensor 1 Status
Bank 2 Sensor 2 O22Bank 2 Sensor 2 O2SBank 2 Short Term Fuel Trim
Barometric PressureBase PWM Cylinder 1Base PWM Cylinder 2
Base PWM Cylinder 3Base PWM Cylinder 4Brake Booster Pressure
Brake Lamp Failure CounterBrake Light SwitchBrake Status
Brake SwitchCCP / Evap Solenoid PWMCKP Active Counter
CKP Resync CounterCKP SensorCMP Active Counter
CMP CommandCMP Resync CounterCMP Retard
CMP SensorCMP Sensor - High to LowCMP Sensor - Low to High
CO - VoltsCPP Learned Apply PositionCPP Learned Release Position
CPP SensorCPP Sensor - VoltsCalc Air Flow
Calc TWC TemperatureCalc TWC Temperature Bank 1Calc TWC Temperature Bank 2
Calc. Converter Temp.Calculated Air FlowCalculated Air Flow Speed Density
Calculated Catalyst TemperatureCalculated Load ValueCalculated TWC Temperature Bank 1
Calculated TWC Temperature Bank 2Cam Engine Speed ActivityCam Phase Angle Actual
Cam Phase Angle DesiredCam Phase Angle VarianceCamshaft Activity
Camshaft Phase SolenoidCatalyst Monitor Test CounterCatalyst Protection Mode
Catalytic Converter TemperatureClutch SwitchCmmd A-F Equivalence Ratio
Cooling Fan CommandCooling Fan Motor CommandCruise Acceleration Adaptation
Cruise Active LampCruise Brake StatusCruise Calculated Speed
Cruise Cancel Sw. Noise Failure CounterCruise Cancel SwitchCruise Desired Speed
Cruise Enabled LampCruise Main LampCruise Main Switch
Cruise Resume Sw. Noise Failure CounterCruise Resume SwitchCruise Set Lamp
Cruise Set Sw. Noise Failure CounterCruise Set SwitchCruise Shift Down Request
Cruise Speed Derivation DifferenceCruise Speed FailureCruise Switch Noise Failure Counter
Current GearCycles of Misfire DataCyl. Deactivation Cycle
Cylinder Deactivation CycleDeceleration Fuel CutoffDelivered BPW Cylinder 1
Delivered BPW Cylinder 2Desired EGR PositionDesired Exh. CMP
Desired Fan SpeedDesired Fuel PressureDesired IAC Airflow
Desired IAC PositionDesired IdleDesired Idle Speed
Desired Linear EGR PositionDesired Low Fuel PressureDesired Throttle Position
Distance Since DTC ClearedDistance With Cylinder ActivatedDistance With Cylinder Deactivated
Distance with Cyl. ActivatedDistance with Cyl. DeactivatedDrop Out Code 0
Drop Out Code 1Drop Out Code 2Drop Out Code 3
Drop Out Code 4Drop Out Code 5Drop Out Code 6
Drop Out Code 7EC Ignition Relay FeedbackECT Sensor
EGR Closed Pintle PositionEGR Decel FilterEGR Delta MAP Calc.
EGR Duty CycleEGR FeedbackEGR Flow Test Count
EGR NormalizedEGR SensorEGR Trip Sample Count Decel Test
ESC Noise ChannelETC Act. High Voltage Failure CounterETC Act. Low Voltage Failure Counter
ETC Act. Signal Circuit AETC Act. Signal Circuit BEVAP Canister Purge
EVAP Duty CycleEVAP Large LeakEVAP Purge Solenoid
EVAP Purge Solenoid CommandEVAP Purge Solenoid PWMEVAP Small Leak
EVAP Tank Vacuum FilteredEVAP Vent SolenoidEVAP Vent Valve
EVAP Very Small LeakEngine Coolant TemperatureEngine Coolant Temperature - Volts
Engine LoadEngine OdometerEngine Off Time
Engine Oil Life RemainingEngine Oil Pressure SensorEngine Oil Temperature
Engine Run TimeEngine SpeedEngine Torque
Exh CMP Active CounterExh CMP AngleExh CMP Command
Exh CMP VarianceFan SpeedFan Speed
Fuel LevelFuel Level - VoltsFuel Level - Volumn
Fuel Level Rear Tank - VoltsFuel Level SensorFuel Level Sensor Left Tank - Volts
Fuel Level Sensor Right Tank - VoltsFuel Pressure - VoltsFuel Pressure Regulator Duty Cycle
Fuel PumpFuel Pump RelayFuel Rail Pressure Sensor
Fuel System StatusFuel Tank Level RemainingFuel Tank Level Remaining - Percentage
Fuel Tank PressureFuel Tank Pressure - VoltsFuel Tank Pressure Sensor
Fuel Tank Rated CapacityFuel Tank Vacuum PressureFuel Trim Cell
Fuel Trim Cell Bank 1Fuel Trim Cell Bank 2Fuel Trim Index
Fuel Trim LearnedGEN F-Terminal SignalGEN L-Terminal Signal
Gen F-Terminal SignalHO2S 1HO2S 1 Heater
HO2S 1 Heater CommandHO2S 1 Heater CurrentHO2S 2
HO2S 2 HeaterHO2S 2 Heater CommandHO2S 2 Heater Current
HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater
HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater CommandHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Heater
HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Heater CommandHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 3HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1
HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 HeaterHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 Heater Command
HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 HeaterHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 Heater Command
HO2S Heater Bank 1 Sensor 1HO2S Heater Bank 1 Sensor 2HO2S Heater Bank 2 Sensor 1
HO2S Heater Bank 2 Sensor 2HO2S XCounts Bank 1HO2S XCounts Bank 2
High Fan CommandedIAC Base PositionIAC Position
IAT SensorIdle Air ControlIdle Air Control Motor Position
Idle Speed ErrorIdle Speed VariationIdle Switch
Ignition 1 SIgnalIgnition 1 SignalIgnition Off Time
Ignition SwitchIgnition VoltageIllumination Switch
Immobiliser Function ProgrammedImmobiliser SystemInjection Pulse Bank 1
Injection Pulse Bank 2Injector 1 CommandInjector 2 Command
Injector 3 CommandInjector 4 CommandInjector 5 Command
Injector 6 CommandInjector PWMInjector PWM Average Bank 1
Injector PWM Average Bank 2Injector PWM Bank 1Injector PWM Bank 1 Average
Injector PWM Bank 2Injector PWM Bank 2 AverageIntake Air Temperature
Intake Air Temperature - VoltsIntake Manifold Absolute PressureIntake Manifold Pressure
KS Active CounterKS Noise ChannelKnock Counter
Knock PresentKnock RetardKnock Sensor
Knock SensorKnock Sensor 1Knock Sensor 2
Knock Sensor Active CounterKnock Sensor ActivityKnock Sensor Adjust Factor
Knock Sensor Noise ChannelKnock SignalLean/Rich Average Time
Lean/Rich TransitionLinear EGR FeedbackLinear EGR Normalized
Long Term Fuel TrimLong Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 2
Long Term Fuel Trim Average Bank 1Long Term Fuel Trim Average Bank 2Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2Long Term Fuel Trim Test AverageLong Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 1
Long Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 1 w/o PurgeLong Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 2Long Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 2 w/o Purge
Long Term Fuel Trim Test Average w/o PurgeLow Fan CommandedLow Fuel Lamp
Low Fuel Pressure Regulator Duty CycleLow Octane Spark ModuleMAF Sensor
MAP SensorMain RelayMalfunction Indicator Lamp
Manifold Absolute PressureManifold Absolute Pressure - VoltsManifold Air Pressure
Manifold Air Pressure - VoltsMass Air FlowMass Air Flow - Frequency
Mass Air Flow - VoltsMass Air Flow SensorMedium Resolution Resync Counter
Mileage Since DTC ClearMisfire Current 1Misfire Current 2
Misfire Current 3Misfire Current 4Misfire Current 5
Misfire Current 6Misfire Current Cylinder 1Misfire Current Cylinder 1 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 1 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 2Misfire Current Cylinder 2 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 2 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 3Misfire Current Cylinder 3 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 3 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 4Misfire Current Cylinder 4 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 4 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 5Misfire Current Cylinder 5 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 5 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 6Misfire Current Cylinder 6 - 1000 Rev
Misfire Current Cylinder 6 - 200 RevMisfire Current Cylinder 7Misfire Current Cylinder 8
Misfire Failure Since First FailMisfire Failures Since First FailMisfire HIstory Cylinder 1
Misfire HIstory Cylinder 2Misfire HIstory Cylinder 3Misfire HIstory Cylinder 4
Misfire HIstory Cylinder 5Misfire HIstory Cylinder 6Misfire HIstory Cylinder 7
Misfire HIstory Cylinder 8Misfire History 1Misfire History 2
Misfire History 3Misfire History 4Misfire History 5
Misfire History 6Misfire History Cylinder 1Misfire History Cylinder 2
Misfire History Cylinder 3Misfire History Cylinder 4Misfire History Cylinder 5
Misfire History Cylinder 6Misfire History Cylinder 7Misfire History Cylinder 8
Misfire Passes Since First FailMisfire Per Cycle StatusNo. of Catalyst Mon. Test Completed
Non-Driven Wheel SpeedNumber of Trouble CodesO2 Heater Time To Activity Bank 1 Sensor 1
O2 Heater Time To Activity Bank 1 Sensor 2O2 Heater Time To Activity Bank 1 Sensor 3O2 Heater Time To Activity Bank 2 Sensor 1
O2 Heater Time To Activity Bank 2 Sensor 2O2S 1Odometer
Open/Closed LoopOutput Shaft SpeedOutput Shaft Speed Sensor
Park / Neutral PositionPark/Neutral PositionPower Enrichment
Power Steering Pressure SwitchPurge Learned MemoryRear Window Defogger Relay
Rear Window Defogger SwitchReduced Power LampReference Voltage
Reference Voltage 1 SignalReference Voltage 2 SignalRich/Lean Average Time
Rich/Lean TransitionRich/Lean to Lean/RichSecurity Code
Security Code StatusSecurity Wait TimeSelector Position
Service Vehicle Soon LampShort Term Fuel TrimShort Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1
Short Term Fuel Trim - Bank 2Short Term Fuel Trim Average Bank 1Short Term Fuel Trim Average Bank 2
Short Term Fuel Trim BankShort Term Fuel Trim Bank 1Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Short Term Fuel Trim Test AverageShort Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 1Short Term Fuel Trim Test Average Bank 2
SparkSparkSpark Advance
Start Up ECTStart Up IATStarter Relay
Starter SwitchTAC Motor CommandTB Idle Airflow Compensation
TCC Cruise Brake SwitchTCC Duty CycleTCC Engaged
TCC Slip SpeedTCS Torque Delivered SignalTCS Torque Request Signal
TFT SensorTP Desired AngleTP Indicated Angle
TP Sensor 1TP Sensor 1 Indicated PositionTP Sensor 2
TP Sensor 2 Indicated PositionTPS 1 DisplacementTPS 1 Learned Minimum
TPS 1 Range Fail CounterTPS 1-2 Corr. Failure CounterTPS 2 Displacement
TPS 2 Learned MinimumTPS 2 Range Fail CounterTWC Temperature Calculated
Throttle DeviationThrottle PositionThrottle Position - Volts
Throttle Position 1Throttle Position 1 - VoltsThrottle Position 2
Throttle Position 2 - VoltsThrottle Position AngleThrottle Position Desired Angle
Throttle Position Indicated AngleThrottle Position Sensor 1 - VoltsThrottle Position Sensor 1 Indicated Position
Throttle Position Sensor 1 Learned MinimumThrottle Position Sensor 2 Indicated PositionThrottle Position Sensor 2 - Volts
Throttle Position Sensor 2 Learned MinimumTime From StartTorque Delivered Signal
Torque Management SparkTorque Request SignalTotal Knock Retard
Total MisfireTotal MisfireTotal Misfire - 1000 Rev
Total Misfire - 200 RevTotal Misfire Current CountTotal Misfire Failures Since First Fail
Total Misfire Passes Since First PassTrans Output Speed SignalTransfer Case OSS
Transfer Case RatioTransmission Check LightUpshift Lamp
VIM SolenoidVVT Actual Timing - Bank 1VVT Actual Timing - Bank 2
VVT Desired TimingVVT Difference from Desired Timing - Bank 1VVT Difference from Desired Timing - Bank 2
VVT Learned Zero Position - Bank 1VVT Learned Zero Position - Bank 2VVT Oil Control Valve Duty Cycle - Bank 1
VVT Oil Control Valve Duty Cycle - Bank 2Vacuum CalculatedVehicle Speed
Vehicle SpeedVehicle Speed SensorVehicle Theft Deterrent
Warm-ups Since DTC ClearedWarm-ups w/o Emission FaultsWarm-ups w/o Non-Emission Faults
Warmups Since DTC ClearedWarmups w/o Emission FaultsWarmups w/o Non-Emission Faults
Weak Cylinder


Transmission Sensors commands top
1-2 Shift Error1-2 Shift Solenoid A1-2 Shift Time
1-2 Shift Time Error1-2 TAP Cell 041-2 TAP Cell 05
1-2 TAP Cell 061-2 TAP Cell 071-2 TAP Cell 08
1-2 TAP Cell 091-2 TAP Cell 101-2 TAP Cell 11
1-2 TAP Cell 121-2 TAP Cell 131-2 TAP Cell 14
1-2 TAP Cell 151-2 TAP Cell 162-3 Shift Error
2-3 Shift Solenoid B2-3 Shift Time2-3 Shift Time Error
2-3 TAP Cell 042-3 TAP Cell 052-3 TAP Cell 06
2-3 TAP Cell 072-3 TAP Cell 082-3 TAP Cell 09
2-3 TAP Cell 102-3 TAP Cell 112-3 TAP Cell 12
2-3 TAP Cell 132-3 TAP Cell 142-3 TAP Cell 15
2-3 TAP Cell 163-4 Shift Error3-4 Shift Time
3-4 Shift Time Error3-4 TAP Cell 043-4 TAP Cell 05
3-4 TAP Cell 063-4 TAP Cell 073-4 TAP Cell 08
3-4 TAP Cell 093-4 TAP Cell 103-4 TAP Cell 11
3-4 TAP Cell 123-4 TAP Cell 133-4 TAP Cell 14
3-4 TAP Cell 153-4 TAP Cell 164L Signal
A/C ClutchA/C RelayA/C Request
ABS StatusAT Input SpeedAT Input Speed Ratio
AT Oil Life LampAT Oil Life MonitorAT Oil Temperature
AT Oil Temperature LampAT Oil Temperature Sensor 1AT Oil Temperature Sensor 2
AT Output SpeedATF LampAccelerator Position Sensor Signal
Actual GearActual TCC Solenoid CurrentAdaptable Shift
Barometric PressureBrake SwitchCAN Siganl Valid Counter
Calc. Throttle PositionCalculated Throttle PositionCheck Light
Commanded GearCruise Cancel SwitchCruise Control
Cruise Control InputCurrent GearCurrent TAP
Current TAP CellCurrent TAP MemoryDTC History Display
Default GearDesired PCS PressureDesired TCC Solenoid Current
Diagnostic RequestECTEmergency Mode
Engine Coolant TemperatureEngine Drag TorqueEngine Run Time
Engine SpeedEngine TorqueEngine Warm
Estimated Gear RatioGarage Shift StatusGear Ratio
Ignition VoltageInhibitor Switch 2Inhibitor Switch 3
Inhibitor Switch DInhibitor Switch LInhibitor Switch N
Inhibitor Switch PInhibitor Switch RIntake Air Temperature
Kickdown SwitchLast Shift TimeLast Shift Time Error
Last TAPLatest Shift TimeLock Up
Lock Up SolenoidMalfunction Indicator LampManifold Absolute Pressure
Manifold Air PressureMode Switch AMode Switch B
Mode Switch CMode Switch GNumber Of Trouble Codes
Output SpeedPC PressurePC Solenoid Actual Current
PC Solenoid Duty CyclePC Solenoid Reference CurrentPCS Actual Current
PCS CurrentPCS Desired CurrentPCS Duty Cycle
Power Drive LampPower LampPower Switch
Selector PositionShift DelayShift Pressure
Slip StatusSolenoid 1-2/3-4Solenoid 2-3
Solenoid Brake BandSolenoid ValveSpeed Ratio
Start Up ECTTAP 100 Percentage of TPTAP 25 Percentage of TP
TAP 31 Percentage of TPTAP 38 Percentage of TPTAP 44 Percentage of TP
TAP 50 Percentage of TPTAP 56 Percentage of TPTAP 63 Percentage of TP
TAP 69 Percentage of TPTAP 75 Percentage of TPTAP 81 Percentage of TP
TAP 88 Percentage of TPTAP 94 Percentage of TPTCC Apply Mode
TCC Duty CycleTCC ModeTCC Off Mode
TCC On ModeTCC Release ModeTCC Slip Speed
TCC SolenoidTCC Solenoid Pressure DesiredTCC Status
TFT SensorTarget GearThrottle Indicated Angle
Throttle PositionThrottle Position - VoltsThrottle Position Angle
Throttle Position Indicated AngleThrottle Position Sensor SignalTorque Control Signal
Torque Converter EfficiencyTorque ReductionTrans. Slip Counter
Transfer Case RatioTransmission Fluid TemperatureTransmission ISS
Transmission OSSTransmission Slip CounterVehicle Speed
Vehicle SpeedWinter Drive LampWinter Lamp
Winter Switch


Anti-Lock Brakes Commands sensors top
ABS LampABS MotorABS Relay
Brake LampLF Inlet Valve SolenoidLF Outlet Valve Solenoid
LR Inlet Valve SolenoidLR Outlet Valve SolenoidLeft Front Dump Valve
Left Front Isolation ValveLeft Rear Dump ValveLeft Rear Isolation Valve
RF Inlet Valve SolenoidRF Outlet Valve SolenoidRR Inlet Valve Solenoid
RR Outlet Valve SolenoidRear Dump ValveRear Inlet Valve Solenoid
Rear Isolation ValveRear Outlet Valve SolenoidRight Front Dump Valve
Right Front Isolation ValveRight Rear Dump ValveRight Rear Isolation Valve


Enhanced Powertrain Commands sensors top
A/C RelayAC RelayAir Pump
Air Pump RelayAir SolenoidAir System
BLM LearnBLM ResetCMP Actuator
Cam Phaser SolenoidCanister Cut ValveCondenser Fan
Cooling FanCruise EnableCruise Main Lamp
Cruise Set LampCylinder 1Cylinder 4
Cylinder 6Cylinder 7Cylinder Deactivation
Cylinder Deactivation SystemCylinder Power BalanceEGR Control
EGR SolenoidEVAP Purge SolenoidEVAP Purge/Seal
EVAP System Perf.EVAP System Purge/SealEVAP System Seal
EVAP Vent SolenoidElectro-Viscous FanEngine Controls Ignition Relay
Engine Speed ControlEngine Speed OutputExhaust CMP Actuator
Exhaust CMP Actuator SolenoidFront O2 Sensor HeaterFuel Gage Output
Fuel GaugeFuel Guage OutputFuel Injector Balance
Fuel LoopFuel Loop OpenFuel Pump
Fuel Pump RelayFuel Pump ReleayFuel Trim Enable
Fuel Trim ResetGEN L-TerminalHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1
HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 HeaterHO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 2 Heater
HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 1 HeaterHO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2
HO2S Bank 2 Sensor 2 HeaterHO2S Heater Sensor 1HO2S Heater Sensor 2
High Fan RelayIAC EnableIAC Reset
Idle SparkInjector 2Injector 3
Injector 4Injector 5Injector 6
Loop StatusLow Fan RelayLow Fuel Lamp
MILMalfunction Indicator LampO2 Heater Control
O2S Heater ControlOil Life ResetPurge Solenoid
RVS Disable History ResetRear DefoggerRear O2 Sensor Heater
Reduced Power LampReset Idle LearnSecurity Lamp
Spark RetardStarter RelayTachometer Control
Throttle Actuator ControlThrottle Blade ControlThrottle Position
Tooth Enable CorrectionUp Shift LampVariable Intake Manifold
Vent Solenoid


Transmission Commands sensors top
1-2 Solenoid2-3 Solenoid3-2 Downshift Solenoid
PC SolenoidPreset Transmission AdaptsReset Transmission Adapts
Shift TransmissionTCC Control SolenoidTCC Enable
TCC Enable Solenoid