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EI01 Enhanced Ford-family Expansion

Enhanced Interface for Ford-family
(EI01) 1995-2024*

Enhanced Interface for Ford-family (EI01) 1995-2022 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Saleen, Panoz, Aston Martin

Although Ford does implement the largest subset of the OBDII standard, the typical vehicle only supports 20 - 40 sensors and is limited to an emissions powertrain. Using the enhanced Ford interface, a typical Ford vehicle will support 200 - 300 sensors within half a dozen systems; that's essential systems such as ABS, airbags, GEM, ICM, etc.

Our enhanced Ford interface coverage is only matched by factory tools; we have support for 8,900+ sensors selected from 150+ systems. Support includes ISO, SCP, CAN, MCAN, and CAN 14229 controllers. The Ford enhanced interface has support for Ford of Europe diesel models such as Ka, Mondo, Galaxy, Fairlane, etc. Finally, our Ford enhanced has support for non-CAN and CAN 1300+ bi-directional commands and dozens of system-level tests. With bi-directional controls, you will no longer be relegated to being just an observer in the operation of the vehicle--now you can take control of its operation.

System Tests:

  • PATS Timed Key Programming ('96 - '08)
  • KOEO
  • KOER
  • Power Balance (CAN-based models)
  • EVAP Bay Test
  • Service Bleed (Non-CAN support not available with ProLine currently)
  • Buzz Injector
  • Cylinder Contribution Test
  • Switch Test
  • Glow Plug Test
  • System Self-Test
  • Low - and High-Speed Fan
  • All Outputs On/Off
  • Injector Coding (1.8L and 2.0L)
  • KAM Reset
  • Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction
  • Tire Size Programming up to 40" ('99-'03 7.3L, and '04-'07 6.0L trucks)
  • IVD Initialization
  • Steering Angle / Yaw Rate / Acceleration Sensor Reset ('03 Explorer and Lincoln LS)
  • Passenger Seat ReZero and Passenger Weight Reset
  • Power Seat Calibration Test
  • Audio Network Communication Test
  • Vehicle In-Motion IO Test
  • Front Wiper Self-Test
  • Rear Wiper Self-Test
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Reset, Clear EGR Adaptive Tables, and Clear Fuel Injector Adaptive Tables
  • DPF Regeneration, SCR Dosing Measurement Test, SCR Visual Leak Test
  • BMS Reset
  • TPMS Sensor Training Mode
  • Crash Reset Status (Transit '15+)
  • Electronic Parking Brake Maintenance Mode (Fusion HEV '14+)

Complete list of coverage:

See an example of coverage:

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage '03

Aston Martin DB9 '07

Ford Crown Victoria '10

Ford Escape Hybrid '08

Ford Expedition '00

Ford Explorer '01

Ford Explorer SportTrac '05

Ford F150 '04

Ford F150 '08

Ford Focus '02 TDCi 1.8L

Ford Focus '07

Ford Mustang '07

Ford Powerstroke 7.3L '99-'03

Ford Powerstroke 6.0L '04-'07

Ford Powerstroke 6.4L '08

Ford Powerstroke 6.7L '11

Ford Taurus '05

Ford Taurus '10

Lincoln Navigator '07

Mercury Mountaineer '03

(Ford of Europe) Escort '98

(Ford of Europe) Fiesta '11

(Ford of Europe) Ford Ka '07

(Ford of Europe) Ford Mondeo '03 TDCi 2.0L

(Ford of Europe) Ford Mondeo '07 TDCi 20L

(Ford of Europe) SMax '08

(Ford of Europe) Transit '07

(Ford of Europe) Transit Connect '06

*Note: F450/F550/F650/F750 are not light-duty trucks and will have limited or no support.

*MCAN body controllers require ST06 ProLine hardware.
Does not support any UBP controllers as on some late model Lincolns (e.g. Air Suspension and VSM).
Use enhanced Audi and VW for '99 - '05 Ford of Europe Galaxy non-ECM or PATs support.
Do not use on '96 - '03 Villager, damage to the connector may occur.