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Service Reset Tool

Service Reset Tool for '01 - '16 BMW / MINI

Reset your late-model (’01 – ’16) BMW Service / Oil and perform Battery Replacement Registration with a single tool.

The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool will allow you to perform the BMW Service Inspection Reset (SIR) and Conditional Based Service (CBS) Oil Service reset and will also allow you to perform the battery replacement registration as required for late-model BMW battery replacement.   The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool does not require a personal computer or require you to enter the make, model, or year of the vehicle; with a push of a button the hardware will intelligently determine the correct protocol and commands--it’s a true one-touch reset tool. The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool is field-updatable and will help you to continue to purchase newer BMWs without having to purchase a new reset tool. If you need to download the user guide for the reset tool, please click on this link:
BMW Reset Quickstart Guide.