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ScanTool – Android

Professional Diagnostics

What sets the Android mobile version apart from a proprietary hand-held or tablet; you get to use your device. Let’s face it, the handheld or tablets provided with other scan tools are always older technology and have limited application. Your mobile device is far more powerful and more versatile; not to mention more convenient. For the first time, you will be able to walk around with an OEM-level tool in your pocket.


Being compact doesn't mean you lose power. In fact, you’ll find the opposite is true. The coverage is the same great coverage that won the 2017 Collision Shoot-out and two industry innovation awards. We offer coverage for 58 car makers—from Fiat to Ferrari. Coverage includes:

  • Trouble code reading and clearing – (FFD, Fault Frequency, Odometer, etc.)
  • Report Generation – Pre- and Post-Scan health checks. Reports can be outputted in XML, PDF, JSON
  • Live data- Grid / Graph / Meter displays
  • Bi-directions / Actuations
  • System Functions / Special Functions

Once you see system tests like Ferrari Clutch Calibration or Ford Power Balance on your iPhone / iPad you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner.