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Request Activation Codes

Activating Enhanced Options

To get an activation code, two things are required to be submitted to the activation server:

  1. Exact purchaser name as it appears on the invoice (not necessarily the Purchaser Name in the software activation dialog shown below)
  2. The Hardware ID from the label on the ProLine/ProLine VCI or ScanTool OBD-II connectors.

Note: The software requires that you have completed a connection to the vehicle (i.e., able to view live data.) to retrieve the Hardware ID.

You do not require multiple activation codes for different computing devices. The same code will work as long as the USB hardware remains the same.

The emailing process can be done by any computing device that can send or receive email and does not have to be done from the computing device you are activating.

The activation codes are not minor version specific (11.1.0 and 11.1.1, etc.) and this process will not be necessary every time the ScanTool updates. It will be necessary for all major release updates however.

Once the required information has been sent to AutoEnginuity, an email will return with an activation code within our business hours. Enter the code exactly as given to you. Enter the first series of numbers and letters in the first box, the second series in the second box, and so on. The code is not case sensitive, and they are made up of the digits 0-9, and the letters A-F. There is no letter O. The software will close after valid new activation codes are entered. Upon restart, you will be able to verify the activation.

Do not use the following form to request Software Downloads, or Hardware Upgrades. Please use the form located here.

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