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EI18 Enhanced Ferrari and Maserati Expansion

Enhanced Interface for Ferrari and Maserati
(EI18) 1995-2018

Our enhanced Ferrari and Maserati interface coverage is designed for the professional technician who wants to service the most exclusive and collectible car brand. What's more our support for late-model Ferrari is unrivaled. You can't get our coverage for Ghibli and LaFerrari anywhere else in the world. Our model support includes: Ferrari (Enzo, F355, F360 (includes Challenge), F430 (includes Scuderia), 456, F550M, F575MM, 599, 612, F12, 458 Italia, California, LaFerrari, and Maserati (3200, Ghibli, Quattroporte, Gran Turismo, Gransport, and Coupe Spyder)

Controller support includes:

  • ABS Bosch 5.3
  • Airbag TRW Gearbox Marelli
  • Capote (Convertible Top)
  • Convertible Top (Capote)
  • Differential Steyr (EDIFF)
  • Enhanced Powertrain Bosch MS52
  • Enhanced Powertrain DX ME7.3
  • Enhanced Powertrain SX ME7.3
  • Enhanced Powertrain DX ME7.1.1
  • Enhanced Powertrain SX ME7.1.1
  • Enhanced Powertrain DX V12
  • Enhanced Powertrain SX V12
  • GearBox Marelli F1 Revision 1
  • GearBox Marelli F1 Revision 2
  • Gearbox Marelli F1 231F
  • Gearbox Marelli F1 301F
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Parking Sensor
  • Suspension Sachs Skyhook, Skyhook II
  • TPMS Beru

Support advanced features such as:

  • ABS (Steering Angle Calibration and Bleed)
  • CIS and PIS Configurations
  • Read Clutch Index
  • Gearbox Self-Learn
  • Gearbox Actuator Centering
  • Service Reset (458 Italia / California, 599, 612, F12, Maserati Ghibili, Gran Turismo, and Quattroporte)

Complete list of coverage:

See an example of coverage:

Ferrari 360 Modena '02

Ferrari 575MM '02

Ferrari Scaglietti '05

Ferrari F430 '06

Ferrari 599 '08

Ferrari 458 Italia '12

Maserati Gran Turismo '07

Maserati Quadroporte '08

Maserati Ghibli '14

*Note: Does not support gearbox on F355.