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Secure Gateway Module (SGW)

Security Gateways (SGW) are a new technology which OEMs use to secure vehicular networks and control access. Without an account or trusted-partner token, your access to the vehicle’s diagnostic network will vary. The SGW implementation method and account requirements for access is not standardized and still varies amongst OEMs.

The list of OEMs requiring an SGW account is growing:

  • FCA: Requires most 2018 and later model to setup an account with AutoAuth.
  • Nissan / Infiniti: Installed in the 2020 Sentra but not required at this time.
  • Mercedes Benz: Installed in the 2021 E Class / S Class models but only required for SCN coding.
  • Renault: New models starting in 2022 will require an account with Renault.

Opus IVS worked closely with FCA to be the first aftermarket tool maker to complete the process and allow our customers access to the FCA vehicles. Below is a video that shows the process in detail.