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Your Complete R2R J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer Solution!

AutoEnginuity continues its tradition of providing the most validated J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer devices on the market. AutoEnginuity's pass-thru offers the following features in a single device:

  • CAN FD: Supports Flexible Data Rate CAN,(being introduced in the near future).
  • J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer v05.00 API: The newest version of J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer to give you the latest in pass-thru technology.
  • 4 CAN Channels: Going beyond the 3 required by select Chrysler/FCA models, AutoEnginuity's J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer provides a 4th to meet the needs of future OEM applications.
  • DoIP: Automotive Ethernet for advanced vehicle communications.

Complete OE Application Compatibility, including:

  • Right-to-Repair (R2R)
  • Emissions-related programming for all makes/models
  • Full pre-R2R diagnostics and programming for numerous OEMs
  • Vehicle security and key functions available for many makes
    AutoEnginuity's pass-thru includes support!
  • Technical support staffed by technicians who understand and know vehicle repair and pass-thru
  • Toolbox3 educational software providing OEM application descriptions, capabilities, videos and more (see below)
  • Easy-to-install device driver updates

Vehicle Security

  • Technician access to OEM key codes, PIN numbers, immobilizer reset information

J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer Toolbox

Includes everything you need to get the job done:

  • J2534 Connect Pass-thru Programmer News: News and information in real-time
  • Up-to-date OEM Information: Application functionality, capabilities, and subscription pricing
  • Video Tutorials
  • OEM Web Links: Links to OEM service and support pages
  • Generic OBDII Diagnostics
  • Screen Sharing Capabilities: Interact with our technical support