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Enhanced Audi/VW Module List

Enhanced Audi/VW Module List


NOTE: The list is all available systems that are supported. Actual systems supported is based on the vehicle.

Supported Systems top

A/C Left Rear Controls A/C Right Rear Controls ADR
Acceleration/Start Authorization Active Steering Actuator For Exterior Noise
Airbags All-Wheel Drive Analog Clock
Analog TV Tuner Anti-Lock Brakes Anti-Slip
Application Equipment 1 Application Equipment 2 Auto Dist Reg
Automatic Light Automatic Transmission Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Auxiliary Heat Auxiliary Heat II Battery
Battery Charger Battery Charger Control Module Brake Assist
Brake Booster CAN Gateway Central Locks
Chassis Control Unit Chip Card Reader Climatronic
Clutch Comfort Module Compass
Control Head Dash Control Head Rear Convertible Top Control Unit
DAB Tuner Diagnostic Tests 2 Diesel Pump
Differential Locks Digital TV Tuner Driver Door Control Unit
Driver Identification Driver's Rear Seat Side Memory Module Driver's Seat Memory Module
Dynamic Headlight Level Adjustment Easy Entry BF Easy Entry F
Electric Drive Electroinc Sensors Electronic Parking Brake
Energy Management Engine Engine Slave 1
Engine Slave 2 Engine Slave 3 Entry Assist Driver
Entry Assist Passenger FM-Tuner Front Left Pretension
Front Right Pretension Head Unit Left Rear Head Unit Right Rear
High Voltage Battery Charge Management Hybrid Battery ILM Passenger
ILM Rear 2 Immobilizer Information Electronics
Information Electronics II Instrument Cluster Instrument Cluster Graphic Unit
Intercom Interface Monitor Keyboard
Lane Change Assistant Lane Depature Warning Lane Maintaince
Left Front Light Left Rear Door Control Unit Left Sliding Door Module
Level Adjustment MMI Cockpit MMI Rear
Media Player 1 / CDC Media Player 2 / CD-ROM Media Player 3
Media Player 4 Navigation Night Vision
Operations PTC Heating Parking / Steering Assist
Parking Assist Parking Heating Passenger Door Control Unit
Passenger Seat Memory Module Passenger Side Rear Seat Memory Module Position Sensing
Power Module Radio Rear Lid Control Module
Rear Spoiler Right Front Light Right Rear Door Control Unit
Right Sliding Door Module Roof Electronics Roof Module
Satellite Radio Secondary Air Heating Selector Level
Sound System Special Function Special Vehicle Control unit
Stabilizers Steering Angle Sensor Steering Assist (EPS/AHPS)
Steering Column Lock Steering Column Module Steering Control Unit
Suspension Control Telematic Telephone
Thermal Management Tire Control Display (RKA+) Tire Pressure II
Tire Pressure Monitoring Tow Protection Trailer Module
Video-Based Parking Assist Voice Input Wiper Module