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Honda and Acura (EI08)

Enhanced Interface for Honda and Acura* (EI08) 1996-2017


Our enhanced Honda interface supports hundreds of sensors and bi-directional controls selected from the engine (PGM), transmission (TCM), ABS, airbag systems, etc.

Body Control Module System Tests:

  • ATF Replacement
  • Diagnosis of Keyless Entry function
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Keyless Entry Registration
  • Mission Replacement
  • Passcode Clear
  • Reset of driver side window position
  • Reset of assistant side window position
  • Reset of left rear side window position
  • Reset of right rear side window position
  • Self Diagnostics

Other System Tests:

  • ADS Damper Forced Operation
  • ADS Jack-Up Stroke Calibration
  • ATTS Lateral G And Yaw Rate Calibration
  • ATTS Steering Angle Calibration
  • Calibrates All Sensor (ABS Type 1 & 4)
  • Crank Position Sensor Notch Learn
  • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Reset
  • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Status
  • Engine Oil Replacement Reset
  • OPDS Initialization
  • OPDS Sensor Adjustment
  • Reset Wheel Speed Pulse Counters (ABS Type 1 & 4)
  • Resolver Zero-Position Offset Calibration
  • SWS Initialization

Current list of coverage:

See an example of coverage:

Honda Accord '03

Honda Accord '08

Honda Civic '03

Honda Civic '05

Honda Civic '07

Honda Civic '09

Honda Civic Hybrid '08

Honda Civic Hybrid '09

Honda Element '08

Honda Insight '02

Honda Odyssey '03

Honda Pilot '03

Honda Pilot '04

Honda Pilot '09

Honda Ridgeline '06

Acura MDX '09

Acura TSX '09


*Does not support any ABS VSA Type II (Acura RL '00 - '04).

*Does not support the automatic closing of the SCS line. An external break-out box will be required. Please consult with vehicles service manual for more information.